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RICalc software for true finance RICalc software for Discounted Cash Flow RICalc software for Graphing and Maths
Powerful Financial calculator Financial
Advanced Discount Cash Flow calculator Investment
Real and Forecast Inflation calculator Inflation
Unique Maths Graphic Solver calculator Graphing
Handy Descriptive Statistics calculator Statistics
Expression, Scientific, Standard, Tape, Date calculators Scientific / Other
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Real Investment Calculator

Financial calculator Discount Cash Flow Analysis Historical CPI series and Forecast Inflation Algebraic equation solver Scientific calculator Scientific calculator with tape RICalc word notepad Date calculator Graphing calculator Maths Trigonometry, Statistic, Geometry and Financial functions Statistics calculator RICalc - Real Investment Calculator Real Investment Calculator a true calculator for advanced finance and high precision maths.
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Professional Financial calculator for personal and business loans,
Commercial Leases, Hire-Purchases and Mortgages loans.
MACC - Medium Amount Credit Contract loans
SACC - Small Amount Credit Contract loans
Amortisation schedules, Debit & Credit statements by tax fiscal year
Periods or actual calendar days + manual transaction overwrite
AUS Comparison rate, Annual Cost Rate, AAPR, AAPY, USA APR

Discount Cash Flow analysis - DCF

Inflation calculator, historical AUS, USA CPI - Consumer Price Index data

Functions, Expression Evaluator, Equation Sover, Graphing ...

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All-in-One software calculator

Financial Mortgages, Loans, Leases. Savings, Annuities, Retirement, Perpetuities.
Investment Discounted Cash flow Analysis - DCF: ROI, ROR, NPV, FV, Payback & Break even.
Inflation Historical CPI - Consumer Price Indexes. Forecasting.
Graphing Maths equation Solver, Derivatives, Integrals and graph plotting.
Statistics Descriptive statistics
Scientific General and Scientific with Tape + Date calculator + Notepad.
Expression Evaluator Algebraic Expression Evaluator for rapid calculations.
Functions Close to 400 Math, Trigonometry, Statistic, Financial, Geometry, your own ...
Multi-precision Arbitrary precision to millions of digits of accuracy.

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RICalc software for Finance, Discounted Cash Flow, Inflation, Graphing and Maths
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