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RICalc software for true finance RICalc software for Discounted Cash Flow RICalc software for Graphing and Maths
Powerful Financial calculator Financial
Advanced Discount Cash Flow calculator Investment
Real and Forecast Inflation calculator Inflation
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Handy Descriptive Statistics calculator Statistics
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Financial Functions
RICalc software saves you money and time

Financial calculator

Financial calculator for true lending and savings.

Financial software for borrowing and investment with amortisation schedule and capitalisation schedule.

Debit & credit bank statement for Mortgage loans, short term personal and business Loans, commercial Leases and Hire Purchases.

True interest-bearing Deposits, future value projections of Funds, Annuities, retirement Superannuation and Perpetuities.


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, Investment, Inflation, Statistics, Graphing, Scientific

Financial calculator

Technical features

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Not too familiar with Business Finance?
Learn with RICalc tutorials.

Take control of your Finances with facts

How can you use the Financial calculator?

Reduce debt and save money on your Mortgage, Loans and Leases.

Still on quoted interest rates? You need True Rates to properly compare financial products.

Find out the true costs on mortgages, loans and leases and the real yield on savings and investments.

Consolidate debt, reduce the term of your mortgage, check out the effect of extra loan repayments or withdraws for a renovation...

Compare What-If saving scenarios, loan refinance...

Verify your bank statements calculations.

Reconcile bank statement interest calculations, check for interest errors and recoup overcharged amounts.

Invest wiser in Cash, Funds and Retirement funds.

Quantify taxes and inflation on your future investment.

Estimate your superannuation retirement and how long the income will last in today's equivalent money.
Compare funds with different returns and costs.


Your personal calculator

Your professional calculator


Main features

Financial software with amortisation schedule, capitilisation schedule and debit & credit bank statements in periods or actual calendar days.
Amortisation schedule by fiscal year.

Mix interest types, interest rates, payments, up-front costs, ongoing and exit costs and taxes.
Manual transaction overwrite, regular or irregular transactions in periods, in period date or exact actual calendar date.

Flexible allocation of fees & taxes with custom descriptions plus your own custom formulae.

Calculate from simple interest to flat, from compound interest to annuity and in single or multiple streams.

Comparison rate automatically computed for all financial cases. See why True rate is important.

Lending AUS CR - Comparison Rate
USA APR - Annual Percentage Rate
AAPR - Average Annual Percentage Rate AAPR Net

Savings APY - Annual Percentage Yield
AAPY - Average Annual Percentage Yield

View, print, e-mail, export or chart both the statement and amortisation or capitalisation schedule reports.

Perform financial What if analysis and compare the base case to similar scenario(s) or compare to other accounts(s), for example: current mortgage versus loan re-finance, biweekly mortgage payments versus monthly, choice between loan products.

Verify bank statement interest calculations and check for errors, mistakes and recoup bank overcharges.



Click for Mortgage calculator screen shot
Standard mortgages, variable and fixed home mortgages, honeymoon, ARMs, All-in-One, Equity mortgage loans, Offset savings mortgage loan, Line of Credit, Reverse mortgages and other irregular mortgage loans.
Set extra deposits or lump sums, withdraws or fees, to occur once only or to re-occur at regular interval.
See Report: Summary and Graph: Mortgage


Click for Loan calculator screen shot
Short term loans with up-front interest, deferred interest, balloon payments, deferred payments by periods or calendar.
Choose from 10 different types of interest, from simple to compound and from flat to annuity.
See Report: Statement and Graph: Loan and Ongoing fees

Hire Purchases

Click for Lease calculator screen shot
Actuarial method or Rule of 78 or Lease Factors.
Choose treatment of last payment, balloon and residual amount.
See Amortization Schedule and Debit & Credit Statement

Cash Investment

Click for Savings calculator screen shot
Term deposits and Savings accounts with tax on deposits, withdraws and earnings.
Compare real yields after tax and inflation.


Click for Fund / Retirement calculator screen shot
Estimate investment fund values after annual costs, taxes and inflation.
Estimate retirement and superannuation income in today's equivalent money after taxes fees and inflation.


Income forever.

Account profile with Borrower(s), Guarantor(s), Properties and client profile account management, plus define your own account custom fields.
See Account profile

Compare finance scenarios, Mortgages, Loans, Hire-purchases, Leases, Term Deposits, Annuities, retirement funds ... See Account comparison


Technical features


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Your professional calculator


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