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Austrade - Trade Commission (AUS) Trade Commission (AUS) - Austrade
Helping Australians do business around the world
Australia Suppliers database.


DSRD - Department of State & Regional Development (AUS) Department of State and Regional Development (AUS) - DSRD
First for business industry innovation in Sydney and New South Wales.


WSITC - Western Sydney IT Cluster (AUS) Western Sydney IT Cluster (AUS)
Working together in the ICT industry
Western Sydney IT Cluster (WSITC) for innovation, entrepreneurship, internationalisation and business growth.


Office of Fair Trading (AUS) Business & Consumer Credit rights
NSW Office of Fair trading
QLD Fair trading
Publications and legislation on Lending and Borrowing money, Credit Finance, mortgages, loans Comparison Rate regulations and schedules ...


Credit Code (AUS) Uniform Consumer Credit Code
Consumer Credit Code Consumer Credit Regulation
AUS CR Comparison Rate
regulations and legislation on consumer and commercial credit contracts on Mortgages, Loans, Leases, Hire Purchases ...
See Comparison rate and Maximum Interest rate cap


Credit Code (USA) Truth in Lending & Truth in Savings
Federal Trade Commission
Access GPO
Truth in Lending Act, (TILA)., Truth in Saving Act, (TISA).
APR - Annual Percentage rate, APY - Annual Percentage Yield regulations and legislation on consumer and commercial credit contracts on Mortgages, Loans, Leases, Savings, Term deposits, Credit Cards, open and close-end contracts ...


National Statistics Consumer Price Indexes, Key National indicators
Australian Bureau Statistics.
U.S. Department of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Events / Trade Shows


CeBIT Australia - Sydney DBCOM at CeBIT Australia
Darling Harbour Exhibition Centre, Sydney
9th - 11th May 2006.
Stand O30 Hall 4


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