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Financial calculator - software technical features

Financial calculator

True rates, Comparison rate, Annual Cost Rate and Maximum Interest rate cap

Financial Calculator Computation

Calculate from
6 viewpoints
Initial Amount, Term, Interest Rate, Payment, Total Payments, Total Interest.
NPV, FV, IRR / XIRR / MIRR rate.

Type By days or periods in annuity type.

Precision Standard or Pin-rounding down or up to number of decimals.


In date Interest and payment on exact calendar or business day.
Interest calculated as 365, 365.25 or actual annual days.

In period date
In period only
Day, week, fortnight, month/2, 4weeks, month, month*2, quarter, month*4, half year and year. (360, 364, 365).

Exit after Exit before full term.

Term stream

Multi-term Split term in multiple streams with any mix of interest, payments, ongoing fees and taxes.

Stepped rates Unlimited choice of interet step rates.

Interest Type

Simple Interest Only, Flat / Add-on interest, Constant amortisation / Fixed Principal, Rule of 78, Bank Discount.

Compound Interest Only, Bank discount, Fixed Principal, US Rule, Principal & Interest.

Frequency Day, week, fortnight, month/2, 4weeks, month, month*2, quarter, month*4, half year and year.

Deferred At beginning of the term by number of periods or by exact date.

Lease factors Calculate leasing with money or lease factors.


Regular /
Calculated, Locked to fixed amount, or Smooth adjusted.
Gradient by % or by value, or calculated by your own formula.

Frequency Week, fortnight, month/2, 4weeks, month, month*2, quarter, month*4, half year, year or once only.

Deferred At beginning or at end of the term by number of periods or by exact date.
In Arrears or In Advance.

Balloon / Residual Final payout or residual amount.


Initial - up front
Annual - ongoing
Exit - at end
Your own description of costs and fees to appear on the statement.

Fixed amounts or calculated based on your own formula e.g.:
. Present * 0.5% - stamp duty on initial loan amount.
. If(&Balance < 1000,5,0) - conditional fee depending on the balance.

"Add" cost to initial amount borrowed.
"Add" ongoing fee to regular loan installment.

Irregular - 1 only
  - reoccur
Assign to Lender or Government for true rate calculation.


Tax on savings calculated on deposits and withdraws.

Tax on total interest earned during the calendar or fiscal year.


Design your
own schedule
Irregular payments, odd payments, deposits, withdraws, fees and tax, occurring: Once only or at regular interval, "At Start" or "At End" of the period.

Amortisation Schedule

Amortisation /
Standard amortisation, cumulative or annual totals only.
By periods, by period date or by actual calendar date.
Amortization split by tax fiscal year.
Drill down to detail debit & credit statement transaction.
Export data and formulae to external application.


Debit & Credit
Bank statement transactions.
View interest calculation, other formulas and escrow account.
Standard or annual totals only.
By periods, period date or calendar date.
Export data to external application.


Administration Account information
Account notes
Account templates
Account financial calculator custom locks
Account Maximum Interest rate cap
Auto max interest rate to cap
Comparison centre to other accounts.


Administration Contract account details
Borrowers list and management
Guarantors list and management
Properties list and management
Other Entities list and management (Banks, Surveyors, Solicitors, Referees ...)
Profile notes
Define your own custom free fields.
Financials, DSR, NSR, NSI, LVR assessment panel


Plot data Step trace, zoom and custom options.
Single or multiple case comparison.
Compare to similar scenario(s) by modifying base case.
Compare to other account(s) for total flexibility.

Reports /

Options & graph
Summary, Schedule, Statement.
Costs, Streams, Other Transactions.


Interest rate
Convert nominal rate to effective rate and to equivalent rate.
From Simple interest to compound interest. Before and after tax and inflation.


Fund /
Future fund value and retirement income wizard.
Superannuation and 401k retirement projections.


Custom options Your preferred defaults and settings.


Database Backup, restore and database management.


PDF manual
Sensitive help.
Glossary of terms.
More than 100 tutorials, from financial to inflation and investment.
Topic revisions with case examples, introduction to terminology and how to apply to RICalc.

MACC loans
SACC loans

Medium Amount Credit Contract loans.
Small Amount Credit Contract loans.

Australian Consumer Credit Legislation Amendment (Enhancements) Bill 2012

True rates

CR Loan Comparison Rate.
Australian Uniform Consumer Credit Code (1974-94) and Consumer Credit Regulation.

ACR Loan Annual Cost Rate.
Australian Consumer Credit Legislation 2012.

APR Loan Annual Percentage Rate. Actuarial and US-rule methods.
USA Truth in Lending Act, (TILA - 1968) regulation Z and M.

APY Savings Annual Percentage Yield. Actuarial and US-rule methods.
USA Truth in Saving Act, (TISA - 1991) regulation DD.

AAPR RICalc Average Annual Percentage Rate.    AAPR Net.

AAPY RICalc Average Annual Percentage Yield.    AAPY Net and AAPY Real.

Single or average for streams (stepped).


Why True rates?

Most financial transactions in present days include costs other than interest, and hence the need to calculate a rate that reflects the true cost of borrowing or savings.

A true rate is a rate that takes in consideration all factors in a financial transaction, not just the interest rate.
A rate that represents all the cash flows involved in a financial transaction, (interest, lender costs & fees, government charges, etc), and the timing between transactions i.e. the true interest rate, not just the interest rate quoted.

RICalc computes true rates automatically every time a financial case is calculated, either lending or savings, in periods or in calendar date format.

RICalc also provides a more concise true rate after net costs and tax, and after inflation, in single and multiple streams.

RICalc is the professional software for true Comparison rate, capped Maximum Interest rate and Annual Cost Rate calculations.

True rates are calculated as per "Consumer Credit Regulation" in Australia and "Truth in Lending / Truth in Savings" in US.

See above types of True Rates.

Financial calculator

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