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RICalc software saves you money and time Statements with Debit & Credit and proper descriptions

Financial calculator for professionals

RICalc is a Financial calculator for professional business.

Software for commercial lending of loans and leases and for financial professionals to advise on borrowing, savings and retirement plans.

Professional finance software to accurate calculate Mortgages, Loans, Leases, Savings, Term deposits, Annuities, Funds and retirement estimates. RICalc has the advanced features you expect in commercial business.

Based on proper debit & credit statements with both exact actual dates and period calculations, with several ways of calculating and charging interest, with flexible allocation of costs & fees, with manual transaction building and overwrite, with scenario comparison & graphical presentation and is True rate compliant.

Amortization Schedule and Export data Statements with debit & credit and proper transaction descriptions.
Amortisation & Capitalisation schedule with cumulative totals and annual totals.
Amortization schedules split by calendar or by tax fiscal year.
Inspect how interest is calculated per transaction.
Export statement or amortisation schedule to external application (e.g. spreadsheet).
Escrow account for US Rule method amortization.

True Rate automatically calculated for lending and savings and for compliance:
For lending: CR      (AUS) Comparison Rate True rates, Comparison rate, APR, AAPR, APY, APPY
  ACR    (AUS) Annual Cost Rate  
  APR    (USA) Annual Percentage Rate  
  AAPR Average Annual Percentage Rate  
  AAPR Net Average Annual Percentage Rate Net  
For Savings: AAPY Average Annual Percentage Yield  
  AAPY Net Average Annual Percentage Yield Net  

Several choices for calculating & charging interest Choice of interest calculation, see Technical features:
From simple interest to compound interest, from Flat / Add-on interest to Principal & Interest.
Rule of 78, Bank Discount, Balloon and Zero interest rate loans.
Leases on compound or simple interest or on Money or Lease factors.
Interest capitilisation independent of loan repayment or deposits frequency.

Date calculations on calendar or business day Exact date calculations or classic period calculations or both.
Repayments on calendar or business day rolling to previous day (e.g. last day of the month) or to next business day when repayment falls on weekend or public holidays.
Calculate calendar or periods intervals on 360, 364, 365 days basis.

Minimize closing refund or payout Smooth adjust installments to minimize final large refund or payout.
Lock repayment to fixed amount, gradient increase or decrease repayment or apply your own formula.
Defer first loan repayment by days or number of periods. Defer last savings deposit.

Flexible allocation of Costs & Fees and Government charges Costs & Fees and Government charges at the start, during or at end of the term.
Mortgage points, ongoing fees, irregular reoccurring fees and once-off fees.
Your descriptions for Costs & Fees & Charges with fixed amount or calculated at runtime.
Your formula for runtime fees (fees on withdraws, tax on deposits, etc)
Costs assign to Lender or Government for True Rate compliance.

Mix interest types and payments and ongoing fees Multiple streams of any mix of interest and payments or ongoing fees e.g.:
Mortgage with a discount interest rate converts later to standard variable rate.
Investment loan with Interest Only period rolls to standard Principal & Interest.
Flexible changes to interest rates, interest type, repayments and ongoing fees.

Mix interest types and payments and ongoing fees Transaction building of irregular deposits, withdraws, ongoing fees and charges.
Manually build your own transactions occurring once (e.g. additional repayment, dishonored payment, one-off fee) or re-occurring for a certain period.
Simulate All-in-One mortgage equity, Line of Credit and other irregular loans.

Loan comparison graph Scenario comparison & Graphic presentation.
Compare current case to similar scenario(s) or compare to other case(s) for more flexibility e.g. current mortgage versus re-finance, biweekly mortgage repayment versus monthly, choice between multiple loan products ...

Fund & Retirement estimates Fund & Retirement estimates wizard.
Estimate fund values and retirement income after fund running costs, government taxes and inflation. Fine tune individual annual returns, costs and other values to required detail.

Database backup management Database for client data storage:
  • Account contracts
  • Borrowers
  • Guarantors and other Entities
  • Properties
  • Notes and more ...
Network enabled shared central database.
Internal backup, restore and database management.

All-in-one calculator for commercial and professional business.

Revise finance maths with tutorials Help tutorials from basics to advanced topics.
Revise and apply concepts to RICalc and gain better in depth of Business & Finance maths.

RICalc a professional Financial calculator for commercial business.

RICalc software for Finance, Discounted Cash Flow, Inflation, Graphing and Maths
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