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RICalc software for true finance RICalc software for Discounted Cash Flow RICalc software for Graphing and Maths
Powerful Financial calculator Financial
Advanced Discount Cash Flow calculator Investment
Real and Forecast Inflation calculator Inflation
Unique Maths Graphic Solver calculator Graphing
Handy Descriptive Statistics calculator Statistics
Expression, Scientific, Standard, Tape, Date calculators Scientific / Other
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RICalc software saves you money and time

Real Investment Software

Welcome to DBCOM home of Real Investment Software.

Software for true finance, investment analysis and every day calculations.

RICalc the software for Finance, Discounted Cash Flow analysis, Inflation, Scientific, Statistics and Graphic analysis.

Commercial and professional software for finance, home finance, maths and general calculus.


True interest rate cost on borrowing and savings.

Return on Investment Discounted Cash Flow analysis.

Cash Investment and retirement estimates.

Historical CPI and forecast inflation.

Equation calculus and graphing analysis.

For Home

For Business

Are you applying for a mortgage, a personal loan or a new lease?
Use a true rate Financial calculator to compare loans and leases and save money. Take control of finances and make informed decisions based on facts.

Professional Finance software, Discounted Cash Flow and Inflation analysis
Loans, Leases, Mortgages, Savings, Fund & Retirement projections, historical CPI inflation and ROI analysis.
Line of Credit, Equity All-in-One, Offset and Reverse mortgages
Are you paying off your mortgage?
Reduce debt with scenario comparison, extra payments, withdraws, compare re-finance, all-in-one & offset accounts.
Check your bank statement accuracy for errors and bank overcharges.

  Proper Debit & Credit statements
   Amortisation / Capitalisation schedule
   Amortisation by tax fiscal year
   Regular or irregular transactions
   Exact date or period calculations
   Export data and formulae
   Graph comparison and trace values.
Do you have a Savings or Investment Fund?
Invest wiser with after tax and after inflation true yields.

  True rates, Comparison rate and Maximum Interest rate cap
   AUS CR Comparison Rate, USA APR Annual Percentage Rate
   APY, AAPR, AAPY Average Annual Percentage Rate / Yield
   Single or in Streams, Net or Real
   Several types of Interest calculations.
Do you have a retirement plan?
Compare funds and annuities and plan for the future with superannuation retirement wizard.

  Manual transaction building
   Payment skip, dishonored and installment adjustment
   Flexible allocation of costs & fees
   Smooth installments.
Interest in mathematics?
Check out the Expression Evaluator, algebraic equations, derivatives, integrals plus Graphing calculator. Hundreds of functions from Trigonometry, Geometry, Statistics, Financial and multi-precision to millions of digits.

  Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
   Net Present Value, Future Value
   Payback & Equivalent Net Worth
   Present Worth Cost & Revenue
   CAPM - Capital Asset Price Model
   Approve or reject recommendation.
Not familiar with Business & Finance terminology and maths?
Learn with RICalc tutorials.
  Interest Rate conversion
   Equivalent rate, Nominal, Effective
   After tax & after Inflation.


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All-in-one true calculator.

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RICalc software latest release
New RICalc 1.4.4 Standard
January 2018 improved release.

New RICalc 1.4.4 Home
January 2018 improved release.

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All calculators
in one
Mortgage Loans, Leases, Savings & Retirement
Discounted Cash Flow - DCF
ROI, ROR, NPV, FV, Payback & Break Even
Historical CPI & Forecast
Solve equations, Integrals, Derivatives & Graph Plot
Expression Evaluator
Algebraic equations
Arbitrary precision to millions
Arbitrary precision to millions of digits of accuracy


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RICalc software for Finance, Discounted Cash Flow, Inflation, Graphing and Maths
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