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Inflation calculator

Historical and Forecast inflation calculator
Inflation is a vital component of financial planning.

If you are serious about investing, you know that past historical data have enormous insight into present and future trends.

With RICalc Inflation calculator you have a century of historical inflation data to draw knowledge from; I and II world wars, stock market crashes, depressions and economic down turns, prosperous and economic booms.

We pre load RICalc with AUS and USA Consumer Price Indexes (CPI) for the last 100 years and pre-computed the last 20 years of inflation averages.

Whether you invest in interest bearing deposits, real estate or you plan for retirement, with RICalc you can make wiser assumptions and forecast better knowing historical trends and real inflation averages.


With the Inflation calculator you can compute historical inflation or forecast inflation values.

  • Calculate historical inflation average for a calendar year or fiscal year or calculate the inflation average for any two periods.

  • Forecast or discount future values or calculate the annual inflation rate given the present and future values.

  • Use inflation calculator as an annual general compound or discount tool, for example:
    Estimate the future value of real estate based on a capital growth rate i.e. how much is a property worth 5 years from now, or what is the capital growth rate for the last 10 years.

Learn with RICalc tutorials

With help tutorials you can always review inflation concepts and learn about CPI, indexes and prices.


RICalc not just software, also an educational investment tool.


Inflation calculator
Inflation calculator

All-in-one true calculator, not several, just one.

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